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Top Strategies for Proper Handling of Pallet and Cargo Distribution

The transport industry relies heavily on pallets for the distribution and delivery of goods to clients. Pallets make it easy to move cargo from a warehouse to a destination. Moreover, pallets are designed to accommodate varying loads, thus ensuring cargo is safe while on transit. However, pallet distribution often suffers from poor handling from transportation staff. This article highlights strategies that logistics companies should put in place to protect and improve pallet distribution.  

Pallet Cart Stop Kit

Cargo transportation begins at a loading zone where cargo is mounted on pallets and secured. Palletised cargo is then placed on carts for easy loading onto waiting trucks. Some warehouses don't have loading docks; therefore, trucks are equipped with automated liftgates. Loading staff must hold the palletised cargo carefully to prevent falling from the platform. One way you can protect your pallets and cargo and make the loading process a one-person activity is to install a pallet cart-stop kit. This accessory works well with pallets because it prevents the pallet cargo from falling off the liftgate. You can choose a hand-operated pallet cart stop kit or a foot-actuated cart stop. The latter is the better option because you only need to kick the latch to bring up the cart stop. Well-protected pallets go a long way in enhancing distribution. 

Combine Dimensioning and Weighing

Part of careful handling of pallets is ensuring that cargo is placed on the right pallet with regards to size and weight. As such, it is mandatory to measure the dimensions and weight of cargo before putting it on pallets. However, this can be a cumbersome exercise if you do not have the right equipment, and it can lead to inaccuracies. The best strategy is to invest in a forklift scale that works seamlessly with a dimensioner. The accessory allows you to weigh and measure cargo quickly and accurately, thereby ensuring cargo is loaded on the appropriate pallet. Besides, accurate dimensioning ensures cargo is loaded parallel to the pallet's edge, thereby making strapping easier. 

Avoid Pyramid Loading

Pyramid loading on pallets is a common practice, especially when loading boxes of different sizes. However, you should understand that pyramid stacking often causes problems down the road because more weight is placed at the centre of the pallet. Therefore, the middle section of your pallets will begin sinking, which compromises the structural integrity. Ensure your pallets maintain structural strength by working smaller boxes into a stack to maintain a cubic shape where weight is well distributed across pallets.

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